Monday, May 1, 2017

The Happy Organics

We believe that nature has already provided all the necessary ingredients for a healthier, natural and toxic-free body. That's why The Happy Organics are handmade exclusively for our all natural needs. ❤️

Lately, I was kind of into organics because it's chemical free. I rarely used soaps when washing my face because it will break out and cause acne. Except for the soap that The Happy Organics sent me, its ideal for oily, combination, acne prone and normal skin types. ❤️

I cut my soap into pieces so that I do not use too much at a time and also to keep it from melting.

"Time to say goodbye to dull complexion! Rich in Lycopene, this vitamin bar is an astringent, cleanser, emollient and tonic in one. Natural fruit acids and Witch Hazel extracts are added for more potent, formula that shrinks large pores, keeps oil at bay and prevents skin breakouts while effectively brightening dull complexion and making your skin naturally glow." ❤️

My Verdict:

It does the job making my face not oily. I will use this more often! Kudos to The Happy Organics! ❤️


I don't use lip balm to moisturize my lips. Good thing, The Happy Organics also sent me a Lip & Cheek Tint. Its enriched with Vitamin E, Beeswax, Aloe, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Mices and Oxides.

Lastly, the scrub that made my entire bathroom smelled citrusy! Its the Papaya-Orange Milk and Oats Scrub. I love this scrub so much because the citrusy scent will stay on the skin. ❤️

100% Natural made with Premium Milk Powder, Sea Salt, Organic Oats, Papaya Extract, Orange Extract and Kojic Acid.

For complete line of products please visit their social media handles linked down below. ❤️


Thank you so much The Happy Organics! Go Natural! Go Organics! ❤️

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you have questions and recommendations. ❤️

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