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Dewytree Philippines Product Review

Working eight hours a day is never easy especially when you're too lazy to wake up every morning and go home late at night. So you need to pamper your skin to avoid break-outs and prevent it from aging too fast. ❤️

Bamboo Soothing Gel

I was a bit amused of the packaging of the bamboo formed soothing gel. My workmates laugh at it and I told them "There's no malice of the packaging, you guys are so dirty minded" Haha.

Many people are going gaga over this product because of its claims. A soothing body gel formulated with 97 percent natural bamboo tree sap that is used for hydration and quick treatment of sunburns. Calms, cools, and refreshes skin with bamboo extract; hydrates and heals inflammation and/or irritation with aloe vera; can be used on face, body, and hair; won’t leave a sticky feeling.

I used this on my face and neck at night since I get a lot of sun exposure in the morning and afternoon. This feels light on the skin and it absorbs quickly, also does not have that sticky feeling after use! Not just for the face and body, it can be used in the hair too!

For a 250ml product, you get a lot of amount for the price and its worth every penny. I can use this on my future beach outings whenever I got so much sunburn. Very handy! ❤️

Price: Php 319.00

5 thumbs up!


AC Control Deep Mask

My skin is not flawless at all. I have acne scars too! Thank goodness Dewytree sent me an AC Control Deep Mask for my blemishes.

AC Control Deep Mask is an intensive clarifying mask for a clear, fresh look. 

Treats blemishes with peppermint; helps rid troubled skin of redness and spots; soothes and comforts irritated complexions; lightweight green mask is infused with papaya enzymes to refine, smooths, and help boost essence absorption into the skin. 

This mask is perfect for oily, acne prone and blemished skin. Perfect for me! Haha ❤️

I looked like Jim Carrey, a villain from The Mask movie. Haha. The instruction says to leave it 10-20 minutes and remove the mask. Let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin. Also this mask smelled like peppermint. I loveee! ❤️

Price: Php 139.00

5 thumbs up!


Jung Bonan Mask

Black bamboo will help you achieve young and glowing skin. But not only that, it can serve as a treatment for troubled skin.

Nourishes, hydrates, and minimizes wrinkles with ojuk leaf extract and Oriental Complex; kills germs and bacteria to clear and detoxify skin; naturally exfoliates and absorbs toxins and impurities to deep-clean pores; leaves skin healthier and cleaner; bamboo fiber mask contains a bottle worth of ampoule nutrients.

The Jung Bonan mask helps revitalize sensitive and irritated skin and will turn into clean skin. Also this mask is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin like mine. ❤️

Price: Php 129.00

5 thumbs up!


Let your skin rebirth and find their products on the following below:

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Beauty Manila
  • Big Box Global

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you have questions and recommendations. ❤️

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