Monday, July 10, 2017

No more bad hair day with Beauty Care Essentials

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Recently, I dyed my hair into black because I got bored of my brown hair and also I want to cover up my split ends. So lucky me! Beauty Care Essentials sent me a Quera Pro Set to quick fix my stubborn hair. Perfect timing!

The box was wrapped nicely with a tag and my name in it! I love how they put so much effort with their products and give satisfaction with their costumers. 💖

Quera Pro Smooth Complex Therapy 
An intensive conditioning treatment that targets hair's inner core and helps hydrate chemically treated hair. With combination of D-Panthenol, Hydrolized Wool Keratin Solution and Avocado extract which strengthens and tames frizzy hair strands. This is for all hair types especially for dry, dull, damaged and over-processed hair.

I used the Smooth Complex Therapy at night. After I comb my hair I pumped a desired amount and spread it all  over my hair and when i wake up in the morning my hair felt so smooth even though I didn't wash it yet. I don't mind going to sleep with the smooth complex therapy in my hair because it leaves a sweet-scent on my pillow. 💖

 Quera Pro Power Fix
A quick fix non-greasy smoothing serum that instantly provides, silky cushioning-feel, superior shine and softness while coating over-processed hair strands and retains the color. This is for all hair types especially  for rebellious strands which provides lustrous shine, gloss & controls frizz!

I find this Quera Pro Power Fix very handy because it comes in small container and it doesn't bulk my make-up kit. When I'm in a rush every morning and my hair needs quick fix, I simply pump a desired amount and spread it all over my hair while walking. It instantly gives my hair a quick silky shine and prevents my hair getting more frizz while commuting in jeepney.


- Tips on how to soft hair in 3 steps -

Get this set at Beauty Care Essentials and give your love ones a perfect gift! The SRP of Quera Pro Power Fix is 370.00 pesos and the Smooth Complex Therapy is 330.00 pesos. For more details kindly visit their website. Linked down below. 💖

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