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Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser | The Business of Beauty

7th Floor, MSY Tower, Pescadores Road., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Dr. Shahana Pearl V. Uy owner of Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser has recently launched her aesthetic center last September 7, 2017 at Radisson Blu Cebu which provides skin care services. Pearl Aesthetics offers holistic approach to skincare with updated equipment and techniques.

Pearl is a classic metaphor of beauty. Dr. Shahana uses Eminence Organic Skin Care products to all her clients consisting of all-organic ingredients which is good because it is chemical free. These organic products are imported from Budapest Hungary, an award winning provider of the most effective, professional skin care products in the natural skin care industry.

As I arrived at the Pearl Aesthetics I was welcomed with one of their staff. The interior design looked luxurious to me, same thought of the 5 star all-organic skin care products that are carefully handpicked from the only finest ingredients exported all the way from Budapest Hungary.

I was given a free GC of Clear Skin Facial with Prestine Microdiamond Peel to try at Pearl Aesthetics. Take note that it's my first time to experience the microdiamond peel and it's kinda risky for me because it might break me out and afraid that it might have negative effects on my skin.

The staff of Pearl Aesthetics are all licensed nurses and well trained for six months. I was handled by Ms. Resha, she is kind and very gentle on massaging my face. She always let me know what she's putting and doing to my face in the process. 

As the sessions starts here are the steps that I remembered:

  1. First, she removes my make-up and cleaned my face with clear skin facial cleanser.
  2. She puts clear skin facial toner and gently massaging it all over to my face.
  3. She puts clear skin exfoliating peel. The peeling of this product is micro and not visible.
  4. Facial Massage
  5. She steamed my face to open my pores.
  6. She pricked my white heads and cleaned my pores.
  7. She puts anti bacterial toner.
  8. She puts degreaser in my face so that it wont slide while doing the diamond-peel.
  9. She used the pristine equipment to do the diamond-peel microdermabrasion. It doesn't hurt and it's just tugging my face. It removes dead skin, fine line and reduced blemishes & last 10-15 minutes.
  10. She puts facial mask with facial tissue for proper absorption. It has menthol/cold feeling to close my pores.
  11. After that she puts booster, moisturizer and eye cream.
  12. The session lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes.    
My Final Verdict

I was happy with the results. So happy! My face feels so soft and lightweight. The Clear Skin Facial with Prestine Microdiamond Peel is so worth it because it removes impurities, whiteheads and helps reduce blemishes. My face as of the moment looked so clean! I'm impressed with the prefessional service too! 

Sneak peak at the Pearl Medical Aesthetics

More about Dr. Shana Pearl V. Uy

Dr. Shahana Pearl Uy take her love for beauty and build an aesthetic center called Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser. A graduate of Cebu's finest medical school at Cebu Doctors University, who further pursued her education at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Las Vegas, Thailand and Manila. Dr. Uy's dedication to her craft is definitely incomparable as she aims to provide men and women with personalized services through their top of the line equipment (spectrumed), highly trained staff and techniques.

You may contact Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser for the price of their skin care services. Visit Pearl Aesthetics and you won't regret it. They're using a 5 star organic products that won't damaged your skin. Also, their equipments are provided by Spectrumed. A leading supplier of the most advanced aesthetic laser devices in the Philippines.

Special thanks to Dr. Shahana Pearl V. Uy for letting me experience the Clear Skin Facial with Prestine Microdiamond Peel and to Ms. Resha who handled me. Thank you so much! 

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Thanks for reading & have a nice day! 



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