Tuesday, January 9, 2018

UNBOXING: Gold Sparkling Holiday Edition Box | Althea Korea

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Last December, I received my limited holiday edition box which is the Gold Sparking Box from Althea Korea. I love the contents of this box! Lets see what's inside! ♥

Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palettes
When I first opened the box, I quickly picked the eye palettes because it's so pretty! I got the Day Drink (Day Look )and Burgundy Wine (Night Look). Each palettes consist of three types such as matte, glitter and shimmer. It has 6 colors from base to point.

Wear glamorous color with One Shot Eye Palette in #04 Burgundy Wine. 🍷

Lets be drunken in color from matte to shimmer glitter with One Shot Eye Palette in #01 Day Drink.


Onsaemeein Lumière Gold Daily Cream
Onsaemeein Lumière Gold Daily Cream contains 24k pure gold and propolis extracts for brightening and anti-aging properties. Gold helps excrete wastes matter from the body. It protects and soothe the skin. While propolis extract is an ingredient made by honey bees mixing pollen, sap and wax. It clean toxic substances, protect and soothe the skin.

I am quite amaze how this product moisturize my skin. I use this daily cream before my make-up and it does a good job! I love this product! ❤

Leaguertox Gold Foil See-through Illumination Mask

Leaguertox Gold Foil See-through Illumination Mask is 100% natural wood pulp from eucalyptus. An eco-friendly product and excellent moisture regulation thermography reflexes to help the blood circulation. Maintain a sense of luxury and moisturizing with Gold Foil Line Excellent adhesion maintains luster. It has three extremely high-priced key ingredients which is Argireline , White-Ca and Hyaluronic Acid.

I love the luxury smell of this mask and it really moisturizes my skin! No more dull skin with Leaguertox Gold Foil See-through Illumination Mask. ❤


Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch
Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch is an hyrdrogel patch for the delicate eye area. Contains gold ingredients that revitalize and brighten dullness. EGF is an age-prevention ingredient that supports cell renewal and wound repair.

Nakeup Face C-Cup Lip Tox-tick in #03 Stealer
Talking about luxurious and glittery casings, C-Cup Lip Tox-tick lipstick is the best choice. Be the hit at every party with this gorgeous coral shade #03 Stealer. It is pigmented, silky velvet formula, kiss-proof and perfect for the festive season under the mistletoe.

It has a minty sensation when applied on the lips. 💋


Missha Gold Snow Skincare Line

Missha Gold Snow Skincare Line fills in strong energy to inner skin. The sample kit contains Gold Snow Toner which moisturizes and penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. Gold Snow Emulsion which nourish, hydrates and plumps the skin. Gold Snow Essence which is enriched of essence for firmer skin. Lastly, Gold Snow Cream which is a luxurious cream to seal and moisturize skin all day long.


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Thanks for reading! Annyeong! ❤️


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