Wednesday, November 14, 2018

10 Secs Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Wash-Off Mask

Cebu, Philippines

Hello! I’m so happy to announce that I’m officially part of Althea Angels! Now that I'm a new member of Althea Beauty Ambassadors, they gave us a welcome token which is their new collaboration with Get It Beauty and Althea Korea.

Get It Beauty, Korea’s no. 1 beauty TV show, introduces new trends and provides resourceful information relating to beauty.From verification by scientific testing to providing the chances to enjoy the beauty products in person, Get it Beauty offers various and broad beauty experiences.

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer and it comes in two variants: 

ROSE: Refining
A rose-infused facial mask that would suit your morning routine to strip away dirt accumulated overnight to reveal a healthy glowing skin. Contains  real premium may rose petals it smooths away roughness and gives the skin a radiant glow in just 10 seconds.

May Rose blooms once in a year in Grasse, France just for 5 weeks and is gathered only by handpicking. Premium May Rose helps balance out the skin’s pH which is 5 times more effectively than normal rose. It helps moisturize and gives the skin a rosy radiant glow with rich mineral component. The real rose petal pieces in the product help to purify and improve blood circulation, ensuring the skin stays revitalized, supple and bright.

GREEN TEA: Purifying
Infused with purifying green tea extract, it helps to soothe. Collected the very first born baby green tea leaves from pristine Jeju Green Tea Plantation. This 100% nature ingredient  relieves and purifies the sensitive skin

Made with premium ingredients sourced from various parts of the world, this 10-second mask is filled with energy and freshness from nature to ensure your skin stays healthy and clean everyday.

How to use:

Treat it like a gentle mask pack for your skin. It's super simple! How to use it?
1. Strip off any makeup left and let your skin dry.
2. Apply a generous layer of the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer to your face and let it sit for 10 seconds.
3. Wet your palms and gently massage your face. The water from your palms will mix with the product and cause it to bubble up a little like a facial cleanser.
4. Rinse it off with water before completing the rest of your skincare routine.

I really like this Real Fresh Skin Detoxer because its gentle on the skin and removing the mask does not take too much time. ❤️

Watch the famous beauty influencer Minsco and K-pop star Jeonghwa who's a member of EXID trying out the 10 Secs Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Wash-Off Mask. ❤️


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