Monday, May 20, 2019

A'Bloom Product Review | Althea Korea


I'm so happy and proud to be part of Althea Angels Brand Ambassador. Althea recently launched a new product which is the A'bloom line. ❤😍

A'bloom Fruit Mask Pack

I hoard a lot of face masks because I love using them every night. Recently I bought fifty masks from Althea by the brand (Boom De Ah Dah & COS.W) and I’m so happy that Althea is now selling them with the same price range from the other brands. I like the packaging so much because it’s so cute and girly. 😍✨

I used the Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet and it does brighten my face after using it. Also, it looks healthy and glowing. As what I've noticed, the effect of the face mask is different from the other brands I've tried. I really love it! 🍋✨

A’bloom refreshing skin masks pack have strong antioxidant with harmony of fruits and natural ingredients of plants that provides custom care solution for each skin type. The PH balancing helps strengthens skin barrier as well as re-charge the skin with fresh energy. ✨

The fruit masks pack are made with strong antioxidant power of fruits and soothing energy of natural plants to care for each skin concern such as hydration, nutrition, whitening and blemishes. The sheet masks are made out of 100% natural eco friendly fabric to effectively deliver the efficacy of the rich fruits essence and the essences are formulated with reduced viscosity that are available in creams. 😊

Price: 20.00 PHP

Meringue Puffs

So Althea released a new beauty tool which is the Meringue Puffs that comes in two sizes (Giant and Baby). Each of them are soft, spongy, and feel plush on the skin. They’re best used when damp, and will expand approximately 1.5 times the original size and take on a slightly softer texture.

I love using them for liquid and cream products, and think they take particularly well to face base products (foundations and concealers) like Althea’s Flawless Creamy Concealer! It leaves behind a smooth, perfected complexion with a seamless, even application.

The Meringue Puffs are suitable for all skin types and do not contain any harmful materials that could irritate sensitivities.

BHA Blackhead Blaster

The BHA Blackhead Blaster gives banishing blackheads a fun spin! This wonder stick offers you all gain with no pain, unclogging pores the easy way. ❤️

The BHA Blackhead Blaster is formulated with a mixture of BHA (derived from willow bark) and apricot seed powder, using both manual and chemical exfoliation methods to give you a gentle but effective cleanse. This helps wedge those blackheads free and minimize enlarged pores, preventing future black and whiteheads from forming. Charcoal and tea tree extracts also help to detoxify and control excess sebum production, making it a great skincare treatment for those of us with trouble-prone skin. 


The A'Bloom products are suitable for all skin types and does not contain any harmful materials that could irritate sensitivities. It's also cruelty-free, so no cute furry animals were harmed in the process of making this product (yay!). ❤️]

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