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Hello! I'll be sharing with you about my story how I got my acne scars. . . 🤦‍♀️

Way back in my teenage years when I hit my first menstruation, pimples started showing up. I've had a mild cystic acne since then and it affects me so much because pimples lead to acne scars. Listening to my Mom about not pinching would have been a good idea.

Now its very irritating and discouraging. I tried a lot of products to fade my acne but worsened and made my face burn because of the product I used when I was in college. I covered my face with my hair and can't even stare at my classmates and because of that acne/pimple holes occurred on my face. I get serious breakouts whenever I don't wash my face every night or not trying to treat them with pimple cream. It's tiring and yet I need to clean my face after I go to sleep to prevent from acne scarring.

I have yet to find a product that could make my face free from acne scars but it is possible at Pearl Aesthetics with Acne Laser using the Fotona machines from Spectrumed

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February 2, 2017

February 3, 2017

February 4, 2017

The healing of the acne scars may vary of the days of peeling and healing. It took me one week to see the results. I was provided a petroleum jelly so that it will soothe and moisturize the areas of my acne scars. I am not allowed to rub my face and was advised to wait for the peeling of the lasered areas of my cheeks.

I had a huge acne hole in my left cheek and its not totally flat yet because the scar was so deep and thankfully its not that deep anymore. The acne laser treatment is per session and depends of the acne scars.

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Thanks for reading & have a nice day! ❤️

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